Aliva-267 concrete spraying machine

The AL-267 is the powerful machine for wet and dry shotcrete application in the thin stream process. The modular construction allow to customize the integrated components to your requirements. With an output capacity of 4-21 m3/h it is convenient for a wide range of applications. Easy handling, flexibility and functionality are unique for the Aliva-267

Tensioning system

The pneumatic tensioning system automatically increases the clamping pressure during the increase in backpressure. The longer the feed line, the greater the clamping pressure.


Depending on the type of Aliva-267 all components as Dosing unit for accelerator, automatic central lubrication system and frequency converter for the regulation of the conveying capacity are compact integrated under the hood of the machine. For more flexibility, there are two rotors made of aluminum with 15.5l or 26.5l available.

Design and safety

Modern designed hoods covers all moving components and ensure the highest level of safety for the operator. By opening the covers, the rotor and compressed air automatically shutdown. The machine has an emergency button which stops the turning of the rotor and closes the main valve of the air supply, conform the EU standards.

Advantage and benefits

- Theoretical output capacity up to 21 m3/h

- Robust cover plates for optimal protection of all important parts

- Pneumatic supported clamping device

- Aluminium rotors

- Ideal for larger shotcrete applications

- Multi-functional machine for many different application fields, e.g. in tunnel constructions or in excavation pits

Standard configuration

- Rotor chamber ventilation

- Automatic lubrication system

- Frequency converter (Top Plus version)

- Vibrating hopper


- Available with rubber sealing plates especially for dry mix spraying

- Other accessories such as Aliva Converto spraying devices, admixture/air hoses are listed in the Aliva Converto spare parts catalog

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