The BATCHKRET 20 brings concrete production to the heart of your mining operations, simplifying site logistics significantly. It comes with a 14 meter-long concrete conveyor belt, with aggregate storage hopper (two/four) equipped with electric vibrators to facilitate the flow of material and steel plated belt feeders to ensure a uniform deeding system.

The pan mixer has a vertical axle and five mixing arms with spring shock-absorbers and two scrapers to ensure a homogeneous mix. The water-feeding system, as well as a 500 l capacity water tank.

The plant also includes a batching booth for station management, enhancing safety while protecting the control equipment from the challenging conditions common in mines and tunnels

The batching plant can be set-up with three different feeding systems to best suit your needs. They include: a silo with a maximum capacity of 1,500 kg and a bag-cutting hopper of 250 kg.

Optional elements include a dosing system for two admixtures, and a hydro-probe moisture sensor for sands designed to ensure consistent quality. The plant, which has a compact footprint ideal for underground worksites, can be fitted within a single 40’HC container

Technical Data

General Data

Length : 22,700 mm (with silo and bag-cutting)

Width : 10,665 mm

Height : 2,560 mm / 9,400 mm (with silo)

Distance from the conveyor belt to the floor : 2,700 mm

Aggregate storage hoppers

Hoppers with electric vibrator : 4/2 Hoppers

Total capacity : 14 m3 / 7 m3

Support structure : Made of 4 mm steel plate. Support structure made of laminated steel profiles

Extractor belts : 4/2 Ribbed, 400 mm. Belt structure made of 6 mm folded steel plate

Driven rollers : Ø 60 x 470 mm

Distance between rollers : 250 mm

Drive roller with rubber coating : Ø 219 x 450 mm

Tension roller : Ø 219 x 450 mm

Geared motor : 2.2 kW, 92 rpm


Water dosing

Water feed system : 1.1 kW pump + pressure control system

Batching system : Water meter with 1.5” inlet valve and programmable operation

Water tank : 500 l

Connection with concrete mixer : 1 1/2” galvanized pipes

Opening and closing : Pneumatic valve


Mixing set

Max. output : 20 m3/h

Mixer : Pan mixer with vertical axle

Capacity : 750 l

Useful vibrated concrete capacity : 500 l per cycle

Tank : Steel with wear-proof steel sleeves HB 400. Thickness of 8 mm

Mixing rotor : Five mixing arms with spring shock-absorbing. Two scrapers

Discharge gate : Hydraulic

Maintenance gate : Electrical safety limit switch

Geared motor : 22 kW

Weighing system fitted : Three load cells of 2,000 kg

Inspection hatch


Compressed air installation

Compressor : 3 HP, capacity 100 l

Sealed cabinet : Pneumatic electrovalve unit

Maintenance access : Main structure

Pneumatic system : Filtration and lubrication unit


Main structure for transportation and installation

Compact set for transport

Made of folded steel plate


Batching booth

Size : 2,000 x 2,300 x 1,650 mm

Access door : Knov and lock

Aluminium window : Protective grills

Electrical installation : For power and lighting output

Air conditioning : 2000 FG7CA

Designed to house station management and control equipment


Feeding system configurations


Capacity : 23,500 kg

Dimensions : 8,000 mm



Capacity : 1,500 kg

Made in steel sheet : 3 mm

Feet and bracing : In structural pipe

Discharge : Free drop


Bag-cutting hopper

Capacity : 250 kg

Made in steel sheet : 3 mm

Feet and bracing : In structural pipe

Discharge : Free drop

Bag-cutting system


Optional equipment

Dosing system for two admixtures

Case for two pneumatic pumps

Two ½” pneumatic pumps

Counter M-25 ¾”

Terminal block for electric connections

Air inlet regulation filter

Electro valve for pump activation

¾” sampling tap


Hydroprobe moisture sensor for sands

Probe for installation in hopper set (not mixer)

4 m connection cable

Support and fixing ring

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