The Crocodile – Maximum degree of drainage with minimum energy expenditure

Drained material is easier to process or recycle. The Crocodile range of Heger drainage systems are used for solid/liquid separation and the removal of residual liquids from waste products.

The Crocodile drains out free-flowing contents from plastic cups, Tetra Pak ® packaging, cans or PET bottles, drains sewage sludge and industrial waste and assumes drainage tasks in industrial plastic processing. The reduction in weight as a result of draining enables considerable cost saving in disposing of materials at landfill sites. The drained materials can often be disposed of in incinerators.

Technical Features

- Optimal drainage results thanks to a performance oriented machine concept

- Long service life and operational safety thanks to a robust engineering drive

- Powerful and low wear thanks to hard-facing screw segments

- Fully automatic pressure regulator (no hydraulics of pneumatics)

- Expandable with special accessories, such as collection throughs, thrust channels or feeding systems

- Comfortable operation thanks to state-of-the-art SPS control

- Highly efficient thanks to low operating and maintenance costs

- Simple commissioning thanks to plug-in delivery

- CE labelling

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