The low-profile concrete mixer for mining MIXKRET 5, with a maximum concrete capacity of 5m3 completes the concrete spraying process. The 6-cylinder, 168 kW (225 HP) engine provides great climbing and driving power, as well as the possibility to work it at great height. The Diesel engine has an AAC (Automatic Altitude Compensation) system that enables its operation at high altitude with the same performance

A compact design with heavy-duty axles, both directional and powered, offers great mobility and maneuverability through galleries and tunnels with small cross sections. The Integrated Continuously Variable Drive (ICDV) with geared motor has electrically controlled continuous variation and ensures the correct relationship between engine torque and speed, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels. The service brakes in both axles are multidisc in oil bath, hydraulically driven with two independent circuits. This system provides great braking power and long work life, even under the most demanding conditions. Additionally, the equipment includes a negative-coupling parking brake and a brake unblocking system to tow it if necessary


Key Features

- Safety first : automatic speed regulation system enables full-load traveling at the maximum safe speed

- Great climbing and driving power : powerful 6-cylinder 168 kW (225 HP) Diesel engine

- Operation at high altitude : AAC (Automatic Altitude Compensation) system for stable engine performance

- Reduced fuel consumption and noise levels : Integrated Continuously Variable Drive (ICDV) ensures the correct relationship between engine torque and speed

- Reliable and stable behavior : concrete mixing drum with low position of gravity center

- Safety and protection : service brakes in both axles are multidisc in oil bath, hydraulically driven with two independent circuits

- Available with liquid additive discharging system to optimize shotcrete additive logistics


Technical Data

Data Sheet

Length : 7,340 mm

Width : 2,200 mm

Height : 2,500 mm

Ground clearance : 320 mm

Distance between axles : 4,000 mm

Max. longitudinal gradient while driving : 30%

Max. transversal gradient while driving : 10%

Inner turning radius : 2,400 mm

Outer turning radius : 6,000 mm

Weight : 10,500 kg (23,148.52 lb) without load / 23,000 kg (50,706.28 lb) with load


Concrete drum for mixing, transporting and discharging

Maximum concrete capacity : 5 m3 (6.54 yd3)

Operation of concrete mixing : Hydraulic

Adjustable turning speed in both directions : 0-18 rpm

Discharge height : 1,066-1,403 mm (3.5-4.6 ft)

Discharging chute length, Rotary (manually controlled), Height adjustable (electro hydraulically) : 530-880 mm (1.74-2.89 ft)

Inspection covers : 2

Anti-spillage rear hatch : Hydraulic opening and closing

Control panel : External right-hand side and in cabin

Anti-rotation safety lock : Manual


Diesel Engine

Type : 6 cylinders

Maximum power : 168 kW (225 HP) at 2,200 rpm

Cooling : Water

Engine emissions : In accordance with EU-Stage III A / EPA-Tier 3

Catalyst : EZ Purimuffler

Fuel tank : 265 l

AAC system : Automatic altitude compensation


Transmission and axles

Transmission : Hydrostatic progressive system with continuous variation (ICVD), gearbox and hydraulic variable motor, no gears to change

Operation : Continuous without interruption of traction, self-adjusting based on power requirement (load and slope)

Driving and steering : Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering (4 WD / 4 WS)

Axle type : Heavy-duty directional planetary axles

Front axle : Fixed and directional

Rear axle : Swing and directional

Electronic speed control system (inclinometer) : To travel along down slopes

Tires/Wheel rims : For mining, 12.00-R20



Service brakes : On both axles, multi-disc in oil bath, hydraulic with independent circuits

Parking brakes (negative) : On both axles, internal SAHR discs, hydraulic operation



Maximum speed : 20 km/h (12.4 mph)

Maximum climbing capacity at full load : 30% (SAE standard)


Other features

Cabin : FOPS/ROPS certified

Driving lights : LED, 2 front + 2 rear

Working lights : LED, 4 front + 4 rear

Rear camera : Night-vision

Water tank : 200 l

Manual fire extinguisher : 6 kg

Omnidirectional beacon : Amber

High-pressure water pump for cleaning : With hose winding system and gun

Operator-presence detection system : Driver seat

Automatic greasing system


Optional equipment

Additive discharging system (tank + pump) : 120 l

Fire suppression system, automatic / manual operation

Closed driving cabin

Air-conditioning and heating

Flowmeter for water pump

Tramming direction lights

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