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Series NCT Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators 

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Series NCT pneumatic turbine vibrators are particularly suitable for moving bulk materials. They can be used for emptying containers and big bags, driving chutes, sieves and vibrating tables and for the mechanical stimulation of processes.

Special features of the NCT pneumatic turbine vibrators are high frequency at low noise level and low air consumption.

The rotary vibration is produced by an eccentrically mounted turbine with integrated unbalanced masses. The frequency and therefore the centrifugal force can be continuously regulated via the operating pressure.

ATEX-conform and stainless steel housings are available.


- Rotary vibration

- Resistant to aggressive environmental conditions

- unrestricted, lubrication-free operation

- Nominal frequency from 4,900 min-1 to 45,460 min-1

- Centrifugal force from 288 N to 8,659 N

- Frequency continuously adjustable by means of air pressure

- Reduced noise level

- Maintenance-free due to continuously lubricated rolling bearing

- Available in ATEX-compliant and stainless steel


- Moving bulk materials

- Reducing friction

- Emptying hoppers

- Emptying big bags

- Driving chutes, sieves and vibrating tables

- Preventing adhesion to pipes and plates

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