NTK เครื่องสั่น-ลม-ลูกสูบ/Pneumatic linear vibrators

Series NTK Pneumatic linear vibrators 

NTK 8 AL / NTK 15 x / NTK 16 / NTK18 AL / NTK25 AL / NTK25 / NTK28 AL  / NTK40 AL / NTK40 NF / NTK40 HF / NTK55 AL NTK 55 NF / NTK 55 HF / NTK 85 HF / NTK 85 NF / NTK110

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The pneumatic linear vibrators series NTK are especially suitable for conveying and compacting bulk material, due to the completely linear vibration.

The linear vibration is produced by a freely oscillating, self-reversing piston. NTK linear vibrators start and stop instantly in any installed position. The noise level is lower than 80 db (A). The frequency can be adjusted continuously by regulating the air supply. The amplitude can be adjusted by throttling the exhaust air.

A special feature of the NTK vibrators is the variety of mounting options. It is possible to attach the housing or the piston to a vibrating mass. Additional weights (SM) allow frequencies and the amplitudes to be set.


- Linear vibration

- Nominal frequency from 519 min-1 to 3,800 min-1

- Centrifugal force from 14 N to 4,748 N

- Variable additional weights

- Frequency and amplitude are separately adjustable

- Stainless steel version available

- Ex II 2 GD 85˚C (T6) available (ATEX)


- Especially suitable for conveying, compacting and loosening bulk material, due to the completely linear vibration

- Driving resonance conveyor series FlexiLink

- To stimulate and influence production processes

- To drive vibration tables

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