Aliva-403.3 Liquid dosing unit

Compact, safe and reliable: The smallest dosing unit in the Aliva range impresses as manual version

With the Aliva-403.3 accurate dosing of liquid admixtures is very simple. Connect the water or air pipe to the valve, place the suction lance into the additive tank, adjust the required dosing with the control knob and start the pump. High-quality materials ensuring the well-known long and reliable quality of Aliva machines

Advantage and benefits

- Precise dosing (factory set)

- For dry and wet spraying

- Little rebound

- Infinate regulation

- Compact and robust design

- Dry run resistant

Standard equipment

- Inox fitting with manometer and push switch

- Frequency converter with potentiometer for manual adjustment

- Suction hose with lance


- Chassis

- Backflow preventer, for drinking water protection (in many countries a must have)

- Overvoltage diverter, protects the electronics from high voltage peaks

- Other accessories such as admixture/air hoses are listed in the Aliva Converto spare parts catalog

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