Horizontal baling press KNL 120 / 140

Large loading aperture – universal application

KNL is a versatile horizontal baling press equipped with a large loading aperture to handle even bulky material easily. The baler is available in different sizes.

Optional equipment like the tipping device ensure an optimal internal logistics; the hydraulic ejection door maximizes operational safety.

- effortlessly compacts bulky material

- maximum ease of operation

- wide range of additional equipment

Easily compresses paper, cardboard, plastic film, Styrofoam, PET bottles, plastic and aluminium containers, paint pails and metal barrels up to 60 liter.



- simple operation thanks to digital display in the respective language

- minimum maintenance effort

- bale binding system is easy to handle (3x with plastic strapping tape)

- dense and stackable bales up to 200kg

- claws inside the press chamber retain expanding material (e.g. plastic film) from returning back up – ensuring higher bale weights

- the bale is ejected automatically onto a pallet

- easy handling with tipping device for movable containers

- highest comfort and maximum safety due to the hydraulic ejection door (for expansive materials)

- high durability and reliability 


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