APV Easyline (APV 260 / APV 520)

APV Easyline (APV 260 / APV 520)

The range of APV easyline models includes strong and highly efficient vertical baling presses with minimum height dimensions for the compaction of cardboard and plastics.

The use of advanced technology and patented in-house developments guarantee high pressure forces and fast pressing cycles despite low driving powers. The results are dense and heavy bales produced with minimum energy consumption.

- Plug-and-Play, o on-site assembly necessary

- Model available with sliding door or chamber door

- display with error messages for fast help

- Safe and user-friendly

- Fast and energy-saving

- Ideal solution for retail sector


- high bale weights in minimum space

- no on-site assembly necessary. Plug-and-Play due to patented                                                         Austropressen cylinder system

- simple operation thanks to digital display in the respective language and a sliding door which opens automatically

- minimum maintenance effort

- bale binding system is easy to handle

- dense and stackable bales due to multiple binding with plastic strapping tape

- marketable, palette-sized bales up to 500 kg

- claws inside the press chamber retain expanding material (e.g. plastic film) from returning back up – ensuring higher bale weights

- the bale is fully ejected onto a pallet

- high durability and reliability 

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