NTV เครื่องสั่น-ลม-โรเตอร์/Pneumatic External Vibrators

Series NTV Pneumatic External Vibrators 

NTV 8-1 / NTV 8-F / NTV 12-F / NTV 20-4 / NTV 33-4 / NTV 34-4 / NTV 53-4 / NTV 30-4Q / NTV 35-4Q

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The pneumatic external vibrators Series NTV are especially suitable for compacting, conveying and loosening bulk material.

They are used to compact concrete, empty bins and as drives for conveyors, sieves and vibrating tables.

A special feature is the ruggedness against strong varying loads and overloads.

The circular vibration is produced by eccentric rotating rotors. The frequency and centrifugal force are continuously adjustable by the operating pressure.


- Circular vibration

- Nominal frequency from 8,500 min-1 to 17,000 min-1

- Centrifugal force from 7,130 N to 62,260 N

- Frequency infinitely variable by air pressure

- No bearings

- Easily and quickly removable

- Noise reduced designed NQT


- Compacting precast concrete

- Compacting concrete

- Compacting stamping masses

- Emptying wagons

- Emptying large hoppers

- Loosening

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