AL-503.3 Concrete Spraying System

Slope stabilization, excavation support, in tunnelling or mining or in small shafts during construction of power stations are just a few examples of where our modern and highly efficient Aliva spraying system can spring into action! Equipped with the telescopic spraying arm Aliva-302.1 you can reach a coverage area of over 8 m and complete your projects quickly and efficiently.

Advantages and Benefits

- Uniquely reinforced track carrier with roll bar and safety harness for maximum protection

- 2 independent hydrostatic drives

- Powerful, water cooled 16-kW diesel engine

- 2 front supporting legs, hydraulic, for highest stability and 100° spraying coverage area

- 3-hub telescopic spraying arm Aliva-302.1 with hydraulic aggregate and control cabinet

- Electric remote control with 15 m cable


- 2 additional, supporting legs (hydraulic) sideways for up to 200° spraying angle

- Light package with working head lights (2x460W), driving head lights (4xLED) and flashing light

- Radio control (no cleaning or unwinding of cables necessary)

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