Roto-Compactor PS 800

Continuously chargeable waste compactor

- Waste compactor for recyclable wastes and residual wastes

- Crushing and compaction of the waste through right/left rotation of a specially equipped steel drum

- Compaction of the waste in a cube-shaped, transparent PE bag

- Continuous filling

Working method

1. Simple and continuous filling via the large-dimensioned filled chute

2. Collection, crushing and compaction of the waste by rotating special drum

3. The highly compacted waste is located in a previously suspended PE bag with a standard pallet below and can be easily removed with a operated lift truck

4. The waste bundle, ready to be used, can be comfortably driven to the collection site

Technical characteristics

- Small space requirement of only 1.10 x 1.60 m

- Huge loading aperture (approx. 920 x 670 mm)

- Enormously high processing capacity

- Low operating noise of only max. 65 dBA in 1 m distance

- Filling possible by means of chutes or conveyor belts

- Electrical equipment in accordance with country specifications in many tension and phase variants

- Easily accessible hydraulic power pack facilitates servicing

- Machine CE-certified


Standard equipment

- Drum for paper and cardboard boxes

- Filling chute

- Electrical protection system IP 44 (dust-proof, splash-proof)

- Branded hydraulic pump

- Working hour counter

- Autotimer

- Oil level monitoring

- Overload protection

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