Equipped with a hydraulic additive dosing unit which synchronizes the additive dosage with the concrete flow, the machine is available as a stationary (version SE and SD) or trailer pump (version TE and TD). With its road-going chassis, transportation and on-site maneuvering could not be easier. It is available with electric motor (version TE and SE) or Diesel motor (version TD and SD) to fit the requirements of all construction sites. The PLC controls the automatic synchronization of the additive dosage with the concrete flow. The peristaltic additive pump provides a wide working range from 40 to 400 l/h, with the pumping values immediately checked on the PLC’s display. 

General Data

Trailer Pump (TE,TD)

Chassis : With brakes

Weight : 1.900 Kg. / 1.950 Kg. with Diesel motor

Length : 4.200 mm.

Width : 1.510 mm.

Height : 1.600 mm.

Hopper filling height : 1.180 mm.

Stationary Pump (SE,SD)

Chassis : Skid frame

Weight (empty) : 1.800 Kg. / 1.850 Kg. with Diesel motor

Length : 3.067 mm.

Width : 1.395 mm.

Height : 1.395 mm.

Hopper filling height : 973 mm.

Concrete Pump

Version electric motor (TE,SE)

Pump : 2-cylinder,hydraulically driven

Drive : Electric motor (TE,SE)

Power : 30 kW,400V 50 Hz o 440V 60 Hz

Theor. Concrete flow : 4-18, 2 m3/h

Concrete pressure : 68 bar

Cylinder diameter / piston brake : 150 mm. / 700 mm.

Stroke per minute : 27 / min.

Maximum particle size : 16 mm.

Hopper : TS 323 – Agitator in hopper and grill with electric vibrator. Steel or polymer fibre pumping. Easy to open for maintenance and cleaning.

Hopper capacity : 250 l. / 280 l.

Concrete pipe : Out Ø 100 mm. reduction to 65 mm. (4,5”/3”)


Putzmeister synchronized additive pump

Type : Persistaltic pump,hydraulically operated

Synchronization : With automatic dosing device, proportional to concrete flow

Control system : Closed blood regulation and controlled by PLC

Adjustment range : 40-400 l/h

Max. Working pressure : 10 bar

Optional equipment

Equipment for manual concrete spraying

Centralized lubrication system

Radio remote control

High pressure cleaner

Crane eye

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